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Bonfire 2.0 QH Skibrille Unisex

IVA incluido
Color: Negro
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Alpina - Bonfire 2.0 QH ski goggles (black)
With the Bonfire 2.0 QH you can enjoy perfect vision even in diffuse light. This is made possible by the Polarising, contrast-enhancing lens and the special orange colouring. For a safe and comfortable hold, the goggles have an ergonomic rim, movable plastic hooks and special rubber on the inside of the goggles strap. As well as this the Bonfire 2.0 QH can also be worn with normal glasses thanks to the goggles' particularly large inner space. Sophie Mannstein - Keller Sports Pro


Thanks to the Polarising lens, the Bonfire 2.0 QH only lets through light coming directly from a light source, which prevents reflections and blinding light from reaching the eye. The contrast is reinforced to provide a clear vision experience so that even in diffuse light you can see contours clearly. This is supported by the orange colour of the lens.

For sunny &overcast weather
Alpina - Bonfire 2.0 QH ski goggles (black)


The ventilation openings, made out of netting, are above and below the goggles' main part and they ensure optimal ventilation.

Alpina - Bonfire 2.0 QH ski goggles (black)


The special rubber on the inside of the goggles strap stops the goggles slipping. Thanks to the HINGE BAND technology, the strap is fixed to the goggles with flexible plastic hooks so that the goggles fit better, especially when a helmet is worn with them. Apart from that, the goggles can also be worn together with usual optical aid thanks to the big inner space.

Alpina - Bonfire 2.0 QH ski goggles (black)
Alpina - Bonfire 2.0 QH ski goggles (black)


The goggles fit perfectly to every face shape thanks to the flexible plastic bridges around the foreHead and cheek areas of the rim, as well as the flexible nose construction. This provides the highest level of comfort without pressure points.

Alpina - Bonfire 2.0 QH ski goggles (black)
Alpina - Bonfire 2.0 QH ski goggles (black)
  • Thermoblock
  • Polarising
  • S2
    Protection level
  • Airframe
  • Contrast enhancing


With the Bonfire 2.0 QH diffuse light cannot ruin your skiing day. The Polarised lens also effectively prevents annoying reflections and blinding by light. As well as this, these goggles also offer you an ergonomic fit and a safe hold. Thanks to the big inner space, they are also ideal for those who want to wear their day-to-day glasses while skiing.

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  • Número de artículo WSBAL008001
  • Referencia del fabricante A7232-31
  • Protection level S2
  • Please note To prevent fraud, we scan the serial number of every product sold.